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Spray Tan


T.A.N is Montreal’s First Sunless Only Boutique! We provide a way for people to look and feel the way they want, without harmful exposure to UV rays. The entire boutique is dedicated to Airbrush Tanning and serviced by Experienced Certified Technicians. We are revolutionizing the way people T.A.N by creating a quick, simple and enjoyable experience all while using the finest Eco-Certified Organic products on the market.

  • Boosts your self-esteem and accentuates your best features
  • Protects you from the harmful effects of UV rays
  • Prevents accelerated ageing, wrinkles and sunspots
  • Minimizes the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and flaws
  • Sessions take only 8 minutes to achieve an instant glow

T.A.N also provides an exclusive Mobile Service in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto & New York. Please call to inquire about travel, pricing, company partnerships or dance competitions.

UV Free
Skin Moisturizing
Organic Ingredients
Long Lasting
Natural Golden Glow

Step 1



Rinse off all excess creams and body grease in the shower in order to optimize the length of your tan!

Step 2


Exfoliate & Shave

Make sure the skin surfaces you wish you spray tan are smoothed and ready to be sprayed. Don't forget that what you wear will result in the tan lines you will get!

Step 3



Avoid a shower, swimming or sweating for a minimum of 12 hours. Absolutely no exfoliating for 7 days. Coming in contact with water will result in streaking.

Step 4



Apply a moisturizer or a tan extender daily to ensure a long lasting tan. Drink lots of water to keep hydrated.


What is a Spray T.A.N?

Spray Tanning is a process in which a DHA based solution is sprayed onto your skin via an airbrush system. DHA is an ingredient which reacts with the natural amino acids in the top layer of your skin oxidizing, creating a golden glow. Our Eco- Certified Organic Solution used is a potent blend of anti-aging, skin firming and cell rejuvenating ingredients! Products are all natural, Paraben Free, Vegan, Eco-certified Organic and are Not Tested on Animals.

How long will the spray T.A.N last?

Just like a natural tan, a spray tan fades gradually and will last between 5-10 days. The use of a moisturizer or a tan extender will result in a longer lasting glow.

Will I smell or turn orange?

Sunless tanning has come a long way! Our solutions used have a pleasant raspberry almond scent which neutralizes the smell of DHA. We promise you will NOT turn orange!

How do I pick the right color?

There are many shades available, our T.A.N. Technician will be able to guide you or create a custom tan perfect for your skin tone.

Can I T.A.N before going on vacation?

Of course! Best to T.A.N closer to your departure date to ensure freshness! Remember it does not protect your skin from overexposure to UV rays, pack your sunscreen!

What is DHA?

DHA is an acronym for Dihydroxyacetone. DHA is the active ingredient found in all sunless tanning products. It is a simple carbohydrate that is primarily used as an ingredient in sunless tanning products. It is often derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane, and by the fermentation of glycerin. DHA does not make your skin cells darker in pigmentation, but rather reacts with the proteins and amino acids found in the top layer of your skin to create a darkening effect or ‘sunless tan’.

Is a Spray T.A.N Safe if I’m pregnant/diabetic or have a skin condition?

Spray Solutions used are non-toxic, and utilize only the best DHA which has been vigorously tested before entering any formulation. Each solution is:
• Paraben Free
• Gluten Free
• Sulfate Free
• Nut-Allergen Free
• Propylene Glycol Free
• Phthalates Free
• Synthetic Fragrance Free

With any special conditions, we recommend each customer to consult with their personal physician before receiving a spray tan.